Find free Scripture music

Our goal is to make it easier for you to meditate on and memorize God's word by connecting you with the best free music we can find.

Some songs are professionally produced, while others are simply someone singing into their computer's microphone. Either way, we hope you'll find encouragement and hope in the music we link to.

Verse memorization

  1. Listen to a song repeatedly for about 20 minutes a day for a week
  2. Try to sing along with the verse
  3. Write out the verse on an index card and read it out loud several times a day

    After a week you'll usually have it memorized, even if it is two or three sentences in row.

  4. Keep listening and singing along for another week and you'll have it memorized for life.

Know of a song we've missed?

Send us a note with the link to the song you found or wrote at:

Submission requirements

Each song...
  1. Should include only direct quotes from the Bible (there's grace :)
  2. May also include verse references (Ex: "Revelation 3:20")
  3. Should comply with the version of the Bible's copyright restrictions, if applicable.